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If you’ve been ranked on the Official VIP List, congratulations!  No matter what your ranking or Average Review Rating, it’s an honor to be placed on our prestigious Official VIP List.  Your client reviews have set you apart as a professional with high standards, proven ability and a well-established reputation. We think you’re a Rock Star!    If your question isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact us at support@escort-ratings.com.

Q.   How can I get placed on the Official VIP List?

A.  You’re automatically qualified for placement on the List if:

  1. Your Average Review Rating for the month is 7.0 or above
  2. You have a minimum of 3 – 5* reviews from any combination of review sites
  3. Your most recent review was posted within the last 1 – 2* months
  4. You have a valid website or escort ad link AND email address

*Depending on your city.   For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

Q.  Why aren’t I on the Official VIP List for this month?

A.   The most common reason someone is not on the VIP List for any given month is simply because they did not have any new reviews posted in that month.  This is a very common occurrence, and nothing negative should be inferred by someone’s absence.  (You can always do a search by a provider’s name from the SEARCH bar  at the bottom of every page.) In some cases, their Average Review Rating may have dropped below 7.0, in which case we’re obligated to exclude them from the VIP List since we only feature rating scores of 7.0 and above.  Perhaps a review didn’t get posted until after we’d done on our research in that city for the month (although we do wait approximately 10 days past the last day of the month).   Other reasons could be that her website or ad was down at the time we checked it, or her reviews or profile was temporarily removed at the time we checked and later replaced.

Q.  How can potential clients get in touch with me?

A.  We provide a complimentary Live Link to every Top Ten escort who is placed on the Official VIP List.  A List Link works like this: a visitor clicks her name on the Official VIP List and is taken directly to her website, escort ad page.  If she has neither a website or escort ad, then an email will open in your browser.

Please note, Live Links will be available for all escorts on all VIP Lists on the Escort-Ratings.com website.

Q.  What are the Official Award Seals?


A.  We are committed to empowering escorts to be successful, and the Official Award Seal is a great marketing tool. Two kinds of Official Award Seals are given to each escort for every month they are on the Official VIP List:  the Top Ten seal is awarded to those who rank between 1 and 10, and the VIP seal is awarded to those with rankings from 11 +. When a client sees the Award Seals on your website or escort ad, it reinforces their confidence in you as a true escort professional.   To obtain your award seal, you must email us with the following information:

  • Your stage name
  • Your hometown city and state
  • A link to your website or escort ad
  • Your email address
  • Put “Award Seal Request” in the subject line of your email
  • If you like, you can link us to a sample review by a website or board which features numerical ratings.

We will double-check your VIP List status, and email you a VIP List Award Seal.   You must provide a link back to our website when using the seal.   You can also request a “plain” Award Seal without a month/year designation or a banner.   Please note, sometimes as a promotional effort, we will email you directly with your VIP List Award Seal.  If you prefer not to be contacted by email, you can simply reply to the email with “Remove Me” in the subject line.

Q.  How can I become a Featured Escort?

A.   Each month, we randomly chose one (1)  escort in each city to be a Featured Escort from a pool of eligible escorts.   In order to be eligible for the pool, you must:

  • Have been placed on the Official VIP List at least once in the past
  • Have professional, studio-quality photographs, such as the type most commonly found on ads placed on quality escort directories like Eros-Guide.com
  • Submit a request including your Stage Name, City, Email Address, and a link to your current website or escort ad

If chosen, we will contact you for your pictures and a short biography.   You will also be required to sign a Model’s Release to allow us to use your photographs.  And, it’s free.


Q.   Can I advertise with you?

A. No, we’re sorry but we can’t allow escorts or escort agencies to advertise on our website – that would be an unethical conflict of interest and contrary to our mission to provide fair and unbiased research.  We do allow escort support services and directories to advertise however.

Q.   Can I opt-out if I don’t want to be included on any Official VIP Lists?

A.    Absolutely. Just contact us and we will remove you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours), and also exclude you from being ranked in future lists.  We will need to know your stage name, city, and a link to (any) current review so we can identify you. When you are ready to return, just let us know. Please note, if you choose to opt-out and wish to return again, there will be a two month waiting period before you are eligible for VIP List status.

Q.  Can I talk to you about my Average Review Rating score?

A.  For any questions or comments regarding your Average Review Rating score, your ranking on a VIP List or any other issues, please contact us at support@escort-ratings.com.

Q.  Do you delist escorts from the VIP Lists?

A.  Delisting is an unpleasant business.  However,  any escort (or her representative, agency, management, booker, etc.) who uses one of the official award seals on her website or in a personal escort ad, which has not been duly earned and given to her by us, will be excluded from all future lists for the period of one (1) year and must apply for amnesty.  And yeah, we check.

More questions?  Visit our FAQ page.


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